Friday, September 24, 2010


This article at Single Dad Laughing is really, really amazing.  The desire to appear perfect all the time is something that I struggle with all of the time.  I've come to understand that all it does is make life harder for you & alienates you from other people, because you can't be your wonderful, imperfect self with them.  I've been so worried about appearing perfect at times that it paralyzes me, & I can't tell even the people I love the most what's wrong or ask for help, because I'm afraid of looking weak & exposing my flaws.  It's no way to live!

It's so much easier to own up to your weaknesses & address them, which allows you to begin to let them go.  & it really is easier...keeping your worries & fears pent up all the time is exhausting!  The stress of it all takes a toll on you emotionally & physically.  & really, no one expects you to be perfect, & you're not fooling anyone when you try to seem that way!  Just let go & you will learn how much happier you can be when you are true to yourself.


  1. Beautiful post. You are beautiful. Thank you for being real.

  2. Thank YOU for starting the spread of such a great message!