Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take me to the forest...

I feel a little embarrassed for being so unaware of mori girls before now.  Apparently the style began in Japan a few years ago & took off.  I completely love it!  It's fairies & cabins & trees & tea & all the things I love rolled into one.  I have to admit, my personal style was turning into something somewhere between "sexy librarian" & "I don't know..." & this is exactly the kind of thing I needed to discover to set me straight again.

There's something so appealing in the simplicity & carefree attitude about this style that I can't help but think is missing in my life.  You can't look at these pictures & feel stressed!

It reminds me of picnics in the forest & books I read as a child & exploring the woods with my cats & all the things I wish I was still doing.

The one thing I'm not crazy about is the bagginess of the style.  I'm not a small girl (5'11"!!) & baggy clothes make me look like a circus tent!  I think I would stick to more relaxed fabrics & silhouettes but keep the overall shape a little slimmer.

Frida Kahlo via

Discovering this has made me excited about buying clothes again!  I'm still trying to work out exactly how I'd execute the style but I did go ahead & make a polyvore of it!

Here are a few links for inspiration!
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Vanillery Garden has an awesome class that I want to take!

Love <3