Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things I Have Learned as a (Substitute) Teacher


Teachers are only people who are one page ahead in the book.

The shorter you make the instructions, the more likely they are to be followed.

If you want to project authority, stand, don't sit.

Nothing sounds as good as silence.

Free periods are more of a relief for the teacher than they are for the students.

Nap-time should be extended into high school.

Telling a middle-schooler to stop talking is like telling Lady Gaga to put on pants.

Sometimes it is easier to pretend you are blind & deaf.

Letting your students know that you're only human reminds them to treat you like one.

Grown-ups need snack time too.

School spirit was never about your school's colors or sports teams or anything like that, it was always about you, your friends, & the people you were becoming. (I wish I had learned this one while I was still in school!)

Children have extremely short memories - use this to your advantage.

Silence speaks louder than a shout.

A box of tissues is a necessity in kindergarten & a distraction by 5th grade.

Let sleeping students lie.

Age has nothing to do with how grown-up you are.

A bribe is something you offer as an exchange, a reward is something you give after an achievement.

When in doubt, fake it.

The higher your expectations of a person are, the better they will perform.

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