Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cupcakes! Nail art! Oh my!

I am getting waaay into nail art!  After being thoroughly chided about my previous nail care techniques by a woman who has only had a few years of experience being female compared to my twenty-two, I started obsessively scrolling through every nail art tumblr I could find.  This led me to a fantastic set of tutorials which are in Korean but with plenty of pictures to make it clear!  So last week I wore my nerd cred right on my fingers with...

...Pokemon nail art!  I completely loved this, my very own Pikachu gazing up at me from my hands :3  But after a week or so little bits of Pikachu started to flake off so on to...

...cupcakes!  This is from an extremely cute blog I found, Cupcake's Clothes.  I totally adore this girl's style.  One day I too will own adorable lolita dresses!  & petticoats!  & pale blue tights & pretty pink bows...sigh.

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